Mind Hacks 4 Leaders Program

Unleashing the Power of the Middle Manager

Let's take a journey along Route 66 - The role of today’s middle manager has changed radically. Organizations must transform middle managers to be innovative leaders of change, who are responsible for the growth of their teams and must become instrumental in the development of a creative thinking and innovative culture. Their role has changed from ‘doing the thinking’ for their people, to facilitating their people to ‘do the thinking for themselves.’ This is a subtle, yet critical shift that, if not achieved, results in disengagement and poor performance.

As always, transformation is an internal job. It all starts with changing how we think, what we believe and how we behave.

Mind Hack 4 Leaders: Unleashing the Power of the Middle Manager Program has been designed to support the transformation in only 66 seconds a day for 66 days! This is the minimum time it takes to form the desired new habit or paradigm. Each Mind Hack 'nano' video gets sent directly to your email and is split across three days:

● Day One - Observe 
● Day Two - Reflect 
● Day Three - Apply 

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Day One - Observe

Day One - you are given a task of observing ‘just a thought’ as you go about your day, e.g. how you ‘judge’ people, situations or things. You are asked to observe and can jot down notes if you want, but it is not imperative. This element of the Mind Hack helps to develop your self-awareness, stage one of the change process.

Day Two - Reflect

Day Two - you are given a task of reflection on what you observed yesterday as you go about your day, e.g. on reflection, what did you notice yesterday about how you judged people, situations or things, or how others judged things and how they felt about that, etc. Again you can jot down notes if you want, but it is not imperative for success.


Day Three - Apply

Day Three - you are given a task of deciding if and how you may change the way you judge people, situations or things to improve your success and decide how best to implement this moving forward. You may decide that you don’t need to make a change, but the fact you have become more self-aware will impact your mindset positively.

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