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Pop-Up Learning Cafe

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When time matters...

Don't have much time to develop your people? With Cafe Style Pop-Up Learning Cafes the experience is dynamic and the outcomes accelerated. Expect the same learning outcomes in 90 minutes as you would get in a whole day using traditional training!

When innovation is crucial...

Need your people to start collaborating, thinking creatively and being innovative as a team? Cafe Style Pop-Up Learning Cafes deliver powerful 60-90 minute Espresso Learning PODS enabling 150-180 people in one day to get thinking, learning and experimenting!

Let's get thinking!

Disruptive innovation demands that we shift from 'telling' our workforce 'what to think' and instead start showing them 'how to think.' Cafe Style Pop-Up Learning Cafes deliver powerful transformation for individuals and groups' in just 90 minutes!

How they work

Pop-Up Learning Cafes are themed - we bring the pop-up and props, you supply the space and coffee! Your event can be on any subject of transformation (choose from our extensive portfolio of activities and Espresso Learning POD programs). Everything is bespoke against your business requirements - from Customer Obsession to Creative Thinking and Innovation - the choices really are endless! 

The Process

You provide us with your framework/needs against your business requirements and the Cafe Style team will design a unique event for you, addressing your current development needs. All you need is a space with the capacity for 25-50 participants in a Cafe Style table layout, plenty of coffee and we will bring the rest!

Want to know more?

Book in a walk-through with the Cafe Style team and explore if Cafe Style's Pop-Up Learning Cafes could support your development and workforce innovation!


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