Cafe Style Change Champions

Network Program

Looking to create a network of:
● Innovation Champions
● CX Champions
● Values Champions
● Wellness Champions
● Communications Champions
● Engagement Champions
● Smart Working Champions

When we build a building, we use an architect to design the infrastructure. Those designs are given to a 'building' company whose responsibility it is to bring them to life. Consider culture change in the exact same way.

Many organizations have the best laid plans and strategy, but they do not have the ‘builders’ or the ‘tools’ in place to turn the strategy into reality. Cafe Style is the 'builder' in the culture change process, offering the know how and the tools to get the job done - in practice!


The program gives your network access to unique bite-size blended learning, activities, games and support that is guaranteed to keep you ahead of the change game!


The network will attend virtual masterclasses, where they can practice facilitating Cafe Style group activities and games, as well as getting feedback from the Cafe Style team!


Everyone will get access to all of the Cafe Style activities and games needed to make change happen. The program is designed against your values/competencies!

What's in the Program?

Cafe Style Champions Network program includes:

  • Bespoke Program Design
  • Optional and additional - Two day Cafe Style Champion Facilitation Workshop 
  • Bite-size Learning Videos
  • Resource Library
  • Full Support
  • 5 Key Modules, including:
    • Workbooks
    • Bite-size Facilitation Videos
    • Bite-size Lessons and Assignments
    • Masterclasses

● Pre-selection assessment of Champions to understand attitude and skill

● Optional - Design and delivery of a Champions Assessment Centre

● Consultation and scoping against the vision, values and behavior

● Program design on the Cafe Style Academy platform

● Two day in-house Champions Practitioner Program

● Access to the Blended Learning Program for Champions


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