Freelance, training providers and in-house L&D can all benefit from the Cafe Style facilitation. Organizations can use the activities to create a learning organizations through their Change Champions and Leaders. However you use Cafe Style group mind hack activities, they will change how your people think and behave. Here are subscriptions for individual practitioners. If you want to use Cafe Style activities in your organization or want use them as part of your training provision for clients, email us for a quote at [email protected]

Getting to Know Cafe Style for Everyone


Cafe Style Taster Activity Toolkit

Bite-size Learning Videos

Social Learning and Networking

Intro to Cafe Style Learning Program

My Collaborative Team Challenge

Resource Library

Random Acts of Learning

Optional Discounted Extras

Happy Hour Virtual Masterclasses

Virtual Action Learning Club

Cafe Style Development Programs


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Cafe Style Facilitation Toolbox and Support



Cafe Style Toolbox of over 400 experiential group coaching and development activities

Introduction to Cafe Style Blended Learning Program 


* Optional Extras

Program design against your client's organization values, behavior and competency frame work

Coaching in Cafe Style Program Design

Master Facilitation Program

This subscription option is an annual licence for one L&D practitioner and gives you the freedom to use the activities to use within your training interventions.



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Cafe Style Master Facilitator and Group Coaching




£596 per annum

Cafe Style Toolbox of over 400 experiential group coaching and development activities

Bite-Size Learning Videos

Happy Hour Virtual Masterclasses

Social Learning and Networking

Getting the Best Out of Cafe Style 


Resource Library

Virtual Action Learning Club

Random Acts of Learning

Banter Learning Sessions

Master Facilitator and Group Coaching Program - 10 Key Modules

This subscription option is an annual licence for one L&D practitioner and gives you the freedom to use the activities to use within your training.

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Whitepaper - Learning on Demand: Blending Cafe Style in to Your Learning Mix 

Download the whitepaper and learn about three key application for Cafe Style, including how to develop your participants' HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills)!

Struggling to create powerful learning experiences and measurable learning outcomes in your events? 

The Toolbox makes it easy to create powerful training interventions with  measurable and accelerated ROIs. Perfect for L&D Practitioners, Change Champions and Leaders!


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What's in the box?

The toolbox gives your training providers and organizations access to hundreds of Cafe Style activities for soft skills, leadership, embedding values, creative thinking, innovation and more!

Where can they be used?

Blending Cafe Style activities into your learning mix is simple. They can be played out in team meetings, round the desk, virtually or blended into your current training programs!

What are the benefits?

Blending in Cafe Style activities will allow you to create smart, collaborative teams, spice up your meetings and transform your learning experience and outcomes!

When you buy a Cafe Style Activity Toolbox, you get to nominate a high school of your choice for a FREE 4.0 Employability Skills Toolbox!

We figured what better Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative than offering a FREE 4.0 Employability Skills Toolbox to a nominated high school for every Cafe Style Activity Toolbox sold to a company.

The fact is by 2020 more than a third of the workplace skills that are important today will have changed. 

Advanced technology will transform the way we live and work. While some jobs will disappear, new ones will spring into life. The important thing is that we support school leavers to be prepared for the new blended workplace. 

Creativity will become one of the most important skills for workers. They will also need Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) including critical thinking, problem solving,  emotional and social intelligence. 

Cafe Style accelerates the development of all employability skills, empowering young people to feel confident and be prepared to work in a highly disruptive, innovative business environment!

Get the Whitepaper: 4.0 Employability Skills


Each Cafe Style activity is designed to achieve one distinct learning or mind hack outcome. Often however, groups achieve many outcomes from the one activity in the 10-30 minutes it takes to play out, using this powerful experiential learning method.

With hundreds of activities to choose from, you can fuse them together and create powerful experiential learning interventions at any level to transform how people think.

What's more, the Cafe Style design team is continually adding new activities and programs to the portfolio to save you time on design, allowing you to deliver fantastic learning experiences every time!

Need a walk-through?

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