Cafe Style Programs, Events and Toolkits for Learning and Change

As well as a portfolio of activities, Cafe Style offers a comprehensive suite of programs and events that are designed to support L&D practitioners, Change Champions and Leaders to innovate learning and culture change! Our team can also tailor any program you need!

Pop-Up Learning Cafes Inhouse Events

Don't have much time to develop your people? With Cafe Style Pop-Up Learning Cafes the experience is dynamic and the outcomes accelerated. Expect the same learning outcomes in 90 minutes as you would get in a whole day in traditional training!

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Team Leader Group Coaching Program

Great team leaders coach their people to be high performers, take ownership and use their initiative to provide great experiences to customers in all interactions. Cafe Style provides a comprehensive bite-size program and the tools to make it happen!

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Change Champions Network Program

The program gives your network access to unique bite-size blended learning and support that is tailored to the organizational values or  competency frameworks is  guaranteed to help Change Champions become consummate facilitators of change!

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Master Facilitation Group Coaching Program

Bring your training sessions to life with this blended learning experience that introduces Learning Practitioners to a completely new method that is proven to create a great learning experience and accelerates learning and thinking of individuals and groups. 

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Mission Critical: Smart Working Teams Forum

While the global challenge for organizations of doing more with less is part of the driver to create Smart Working Teams, there is something far more important at play: namely a healthy strategy to not just survive, but thrive through disruptive change. Let's do this!

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Cafe Style Activity Organizational Toolbox

Our design team has created hundreds of distinct bite-size group and individual coaching and development activities. The activities can be facilitated by L&D practitioners, Change Champions and Leaders, or be fused into a wider blended learning program.

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