No person holds all the cards when it comes to great insights. Organizations need all employees to think creatively, collaborate and be innovative...

To transform culture, it is critical that we change how our people think, what they believe and how they behave. Mind Hacking changes how people think, developing their Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), Values, Emotional Intelligence and much more!

The results are mind-blowing. In only 66 days, the Route 66 Mind Hacking Program transforms your workforce to be highly creative and innovative, ready to thrive through disruptive change! 

Scale change fast - All employees get a 66 second video each day into their email inbox, for 66 days. This is the minimum time to develop our Higher Order Thinking Skills. Each Mind Hack takes a maximum of 66 seconds to watch and each program is designed on a framework of 21 experiential mind hacks. Each mind hack is split across three days:

  • Day One - Observe 
  • Day Two - Reflect 
  • Day Three - Apply
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Mind Hacking for Creative Thinking and Innovation

More than 95% of employees believe they are NOT 'creative thinking' but are 'logical'

This habitual thinking is destroying our ability to change and innovate. Imagine being able to stay ahead of the game and developing a creative and critical thinking workforce in only 66 seconds a day for 66 days? How would that impact your bottom line?
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How it works...

Day One - Observe

Day One - participants are given a task of observing ‘just a thought’ as they go about their day, e.g. how they ‘judge’ people, situations or things. This element of the mind hack helps to develops participants' self-awareness, stage one of the change process.

Day Two - Reflect

Day Two - participants are given a task of reflection on what they observed yesterday  e.g. on reflection, what did they notice yesterday about how they judged people, situations or things, or how others judged things and how they felt about that etc. 


Day Three - Apply

Day Three - participants are given a task of deciding if and how they may change the thought, belief or behavior, e.g. the way they judge people, situations or things to improve their success and are guided on how best to implement this moving forward. 

Cafe Style has a ready made Creative Thinking and Innovation Mind Hacking Program...

Or we can tailor against your new vision, values and culture needs. Book a demo with one of the team and be prepared to be amazed!


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