Thinking of Opening an Innovation Center?

Why Include Cafe Style Games and Activities?

Workplace Innovation Centers facilitate creative thinking and collaboration to bring innovation to life. They provide the perfect surroundings and a safe space to think outside the box and critically, to overcome today's challenges, try new things and not be afraid to get it wrong. To harness the power of a Workplace Innovation Center, it is critical we focus on transforming the mindset of people as well as what they believe and how they behave. 

What is Cafe Style and how it can be played out?

Cafe Style is an innovative method of human development. There are hundreds of bite-size experiential games and activities that are proven to accelerate learning and transform how people think and behave. You can play out Cafe Style games and activities in problem solving or creative thinking meetings, in workshops, or use them to develop full innovative thinking experiential training programs for Higher Order Thinking (HOTS). 

Who can use Cafe Style to change people's thinking?

Each activity has a distinct outcome and because it is experiential there are often many other outcomes during play. Anyone can facilitate Cafe Style games and activities, you don't need to be a subject matter expert. Subject matters include: Culture Change, Leadership, Creative Thinking, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration, Emotional and Social Intelligence, Customer Obsession, Mindfulness and so much more. 


Gives a single Innovation Center access to the Cafe Style portfolio of 100's of bite-size experiential group games and activities

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Optional Extra: Certified Facilitation Program for Individual Facilitators 

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Each Cafe Style activity is designed to achieve one distinct behavior and culture outcome. Often however, groups achieve many outcomes from the one activity in the 5-20 minutes it takes to play out.

With hundreds of activities to choose from, you can fuse them together and create powerful experiential meetings and events and transform how your people think.

What's more, the Cafe Style design team is continually adding new activities and programs to the portfolio to save you time on design, allowing you to deliver inspirational, mind-blowing experiences every time!

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