It's a RAP - Fab Session

Well done today during the Experiential Facilitation Master Class - What a laugh during the breakout session! Great job!  

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Do we need to make adjustments for the MODERN LEARNER, or is it just all HYPE?


Fi banters with Tom Howes, Senior Learning and Development Manager at Coco Di Mama on the challenge of how to engage the modern learner and shares his thoughts and ideas, exploring the question:

Do we need to make adjustments for the MODERN LEARNER, or is it just all HYPE?

If you would like to chat with Tom, talk to him in the Penny Academy, or contact him direct at:

Tom Howes (Senior L&D Manager - Coco Di Mama)

[email protected]

T - 07464 486931

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Creative Leadership – Let’s Get Practical

Creating the Right Environment for People to be Creative

In this age of disruption, developing the faculty of the imagination is absolutely vital for everyone, but only if we combine it with Higher Order Thinking (HOT’s).

The great news is that we do not need to be highly creative to be a creative leader. Our role is to develop the right environment that ignites and nurtures our people to be curious, observant, insightful, and resilient, while learning how to think outside the box and critically in our everyday work.

The first step is to understand the moving parts that make creative thinking and innovative teams.

Let’s take a look at imagination…

Unique to humans, the imagination is the faculty of the mind that enables us to form insights, images or concepts of ‘external objects not present to the senses.’ This is the faculty where we invent, problem solve and where we're able to be resourceful. This is what makes us exceptional from any other species...

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3 Common Challenges Change Champions Face and How to Overcome Them

change champions Aug 21, 2017

We know that constant change is the major obstacle for most organizations today. Change Champions are invaluable in getting people to commit to change, but they consistently face challenges in getting the job done. Let’s take a look at 3 common challenges that they face and explore ways to overcome them:

1.     Resistance to Change

Change Champions can become frustrated and wary when they face constant resistance and at times even hostility. The fact that 98%+ of our thinking and behavior is ‘unconscious’ means that we are programmed, operating on automatic as we go about our daily lives.

Our behavior is often so entrenched that we tend not to consciously believe that we need to change it, working on the assumption that others should change their behavior.

While Change Champions often use great persuasive reasoning and messaging, selling the benefits of the new vision, values, plan etc., all of which is aimed at people’s...

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5 STEPS to Creating Great Values Champions

Ironic as it may seem, the more technology disrupts our lives, the more we need to be internally led and guided and not externally managed, as individuals and as teams.

Working within the complexities of organizations, the quickest way to do this is to have a strong shared purpose and values. This means that the purpose and values cannot remain as lifeless words on the wall! Instead, they must be brought to life and instilled into the hearts and minds of our people so they live and breathe them!

What better way of doing this than choosing a team of enthusiastic Values Champions and letting them loose on our people.

So let’s look at the 5 STEPS that should be in place before they set sail:

Step 1. Selection

Choosing the right champions is the vital first step. It is not enough just to pick people who like change. As much as liking change is vital, we are dealing with complex human behavior, so our champions must:

·  Be highly resilient

·  Be willing...

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Random Acts of Learning - Trust or Bust

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2017

Random Acts of Learning are going to be a regular thing on the Cafe Style Academy. Random Acts of Learning are bite-size sprints of super thoughts or learning on a specific theme.

Our research has proven that random learning inspires great curiosity, improves collaboration, observation and engagement and helps us be more insightful.

These are the building blocks that lie at the foundation of the creative and innovative process teams are seeking right now!

Trust or Bust

Language is the software code of the mind. If we want to transform how we think and behave, we must change our language. 

The first step is developing our self-awareness and group awareness as to what habitual language is currently playing out in our daily working lives. Once we are aware of our language, we are more empowered to change it to drive altogether different attitude and behavior. 

Trust has its own language, so let's explore it!

Play the video and follow the simple task with your team!

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Facilitating Playful Learning - Cafe Style

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2017

Want to develop a creative thinking, collaborative team? Then start facilitating playful learning - learn how:


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Neuroscience of Play – Developing an Innovative Team

To be creative in the workplace requires that leaders create a culture of ‘play.’

Then why is ‘play’ still such dirty word in business?

It seems this is mainly because we generally believe that work is ‘serious’ and play is ‘frivolous.’ It seems the frivolous nature of play is not ‘serious’ enough to sit comfortably alongside ‘proper’ business skills and practices that have been carefully designed and proven to be robust, measurable and therefore considered tangible business attributes. Such attainments warrant certificates and awards that often globally demonstrate ‘competence‘ at a level that can be easily recognized and rewarded in the world of work.

Where does the primal nature of play come into this? It doesn’t! Historically, in the world of work, play is out there with the fairies. It is not prescriptive, this makes it ‘fluffy nonsense’ (not my words!) that should be given...

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Why should organizations care about Emotional and Social Intelligence?

Creative Leadership 

If organizations want people to be collaborative, creative and innovative, leaders must become more emotionally and socially intelligent:


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Learning in a Chaotic and Creative New World

creativity innovation Jun 23, 2017

Shifting from training people ‘what to think’ to showing them ‘how to think’
The word ‘chaos’ gets a bad rap. This maybe because we love order and predictability. We like to feel and believe we are in control and many of us love controlling others! 

Much workplace learning is predictable, prescriptive and tends to set out to deliver predetermined ‘measurable outcomes.’ Sadly, in so many cases this outmoded approach is failing to deliver what today’s businesses need – agility, higher order thinking (HOTs,) collaboration and innovation.

The apparent inability to transform how people think and behave at the speed of change continues to place business in the line of fire when it comes to disruption. Many business leaders are becoming frustrated and concerned about the speed in which transformation is happening.

The dichotomy is that while we desperately want creativity from our people and want to be the ones doing the...

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