Want to accelerate change?

Cafe Style is the market leader in culture change, mindful communication and wellness tools!


Powerful mind hack activities designed to develop HOT 4.0 Employability & Smart Workforce Skills


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Looking for powerful, short bursts of learning?

Cafe Style provides you with ready to facilitate experiential learning bursts that gives you measurable learning outcomes. Ideal to develop HOT 4.0 Employability and Smart Workforce Skills!

Want an empowered & collaborative team?

Cafe Style has designed powerful activities proven to develop trusting and rewarding relationships in your team! Ideal if you want to develop Higher Order Thinking (HOTS) and get people thinking more creatively!

Time to inspire and lead people through change?

Cafe Style is guaranteed to boost motivation, confidence, performance, engagement and and develop a passionate team! Ideal if you want to transform culture fast, embed values or develop and implement a new vision!

What's on the Cafe Style Menu?

Cafe Style Activity Toolbox

Looking to develop Higher Order Thinking Skills and a Smart Workforce? This toolbox offers the perfect solution if you want to develop HOT 4.0 Employability Skills and a Smart Workforce, capable of thrive through change!

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Cafe Style Master Facilitator

Ideal for L&D Practitioners and Educators looking to design and deliver Cafe Style learning interventions to groups. Learning all about the Cafe Style method and share learning and ideas with like-minded colleagues!

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Change Champions

If you have a Change Champions Network who need the right knowledge, skills and the tools to create a highly creative and Smart Workforce, this tailored program is perfect to transform engagement and culture!

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Smart Contact Centers

Great team leaders coach their people to be high performers and use their initiative to provide great experiences to customers in all interactions. This program provides you with everything you need to make it happen!

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Mission Critical Event

While the global challenge for organizations of doing more with less. At this Mission Critical leadership development event focuses on transforming on developing 4.0 Employability Skills and a Smart Workforce. 

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Pop-Up Learning Cafes

Pop-Up Learning Cafes are themed - we bring the pop-up and props, you supply the space and coffee! Your event can be on any subject of transformation (choose from our Espresso Learning POD programs). 

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Get a Whitepaper!

Learn more about this unique way of accelerating learning and culture change. We will be added whitepapers, articles and informative stuff to help you develop 4.0 Employability Skills and a Smart Workforce!

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Join the Learning & Fun

Coming up, on and off-line events, Espresso Learning Sprints and other great Cafe Style facilitated interventions to learn to design and deliver Cafe Style learning! Book your place early to guarantee availability! 

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Let's Learn and Share Ideas

Why not join industry colleagues to share ideas and learning on how to develop 4.0 Employability Skills and develop a Smart Workforce, transform culture, all while engaging people and having fun!

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Cafe Style Facilitation Practitioner One-Day Workshop for Smart Working Teams

30th November 2017
9am - 4pm
Strand Palace Hotel - London

Learn to facilitate Cafe Style bite-size activities and tools, designed to address today's continuously changing business operational needs!

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