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School for Innovative Thinking 

Looking to transform your leadership and culture and thrive through disruptive change? On 23rd April, we are opening an online school that gives you everything you need to transform your own and your team's thinking to be more innovative and collaborative. Through the school you can access the Mind Hacks, Portfolio of Activities, Instaplay Workshops (Ready to Facilitate), e-learning courses to develop thinking much more! Opt-in to hear about our exclusive launch offers!

Innovation for Change

Cafe Style Academy has developed 6 steps to Rock Your Workplace Culture. All of our products and services are built on a core methodology that is proven to accelerate learning and change in any size organization!

Embed Culture Fast

Embedding culture change is critical to successful transformation and change. Our unique innovation 'Mind Hack' programs allows any size organizations to embed change 'en masse' efficiently and effectively!

Develop Creative Thinking

It's great building funky innovation centers, but it is vital that we stop doing the thinking for our people and start facilitating them to think for themselves. Our Innovation Center Activity Toolbox let's your facilitators make it happen!

Ready to Rock Your Workplace Culture?

Whether you want to measure, ignite, embed, sustain or develop your culture, get the knowledge, skills or tools to make it happen, fast!


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66 second 'nano' videos delivered into your email over 66 days (the time it takes to change a habit/paradigm).

Mind Hack videos are designed to transform habitual thinking, limiting beliefs and behavior in individuals and groups, offering AMAZING results in a minute a day! Mind Hacks allow you to replace old, outmoded thinking with new entrepreneurial habits and skills that will keep you ahead of the game now and in the future, and its simple and fun!

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60 Minute Webinar - Recording

6 Steps to Rock Your Workplace Culture

Join industry colleagues to understand the 6 steps to Rock Your Workplace Culture. Ideas that are focused on changing in practice...


Let's rock our workplace culture...

“I learned more in the one day Cafe Style event than I did on my six weeks management training program.” Senior Leader - Local Authority


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