Feel frustrated finding instant bite-size  learning activities to meet your needs? 

Just imagine being able to deliver the most powerful learning interventions, with measurable learning outcomes and getting amazing feedback each and every time you deliver a learning intervention. Well now you can with access to hundreds of bite-size group and individual coaching personal and professional  development activities. These powerful activities can be facilitated by L&D practitioners, Change Champions and Leaders and fused your learning to create great experiences and measurable outcomes. 

"Cafe Style should be on prescription"  

Hannah Bell, Police Service  

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The ultimate 'mind hack toolbox' for L&D and Change professionals who are serious about  innovating personal and professional development...


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Looking for powerful, short bursts of learning?

Cafe Style provides you with ready to facilitate experiential learning bursts that gives you measurable learning outcomes!

Want an empowered & collaborative team?

Cafe Style has designed powerful activities proven to develop trusting and rewarding relationships in your team!

Time to inspire and lead people through change?

Cafe Style is guaranteed to boost motivation, confidence, performance, engagement and and develop a passionate team!

Become a Master Cafe Style F2F and Virtual Facilitator

This blended learning experience introduces Learning Practitioners and Coaches to a completely new method that is proven to accelerate personal and professional development, as well as learning. Cafe Style is proven to transform thinking of individuals and groups at record speed.

You'll access to bite-size bursts of learning in a comprehensive master program, networking and given access to the Cafe Style portfolio of activities to design and deliver experiential learning interventions of any size or subject in human development. 

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Looking to create high performing teams?

Learning to facilitate Cafe Style group coaching activities and smart working tools, empowers today's Facilitators, Change Champions and Leaders to ensure their teams thrive through disruptive change and are creative thinking, collaborative and innovative!  

Cafe Style Academy provides you with bite-sized learning programs, social learning and a 'sweet shop' of powerful Cafe Style activities to create smart working, high performing teams - FAST!

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Check out some of our other services...

In-House and Virtual Pop-Up Learning Cafes

Cafe Style in-house and virtual Pop-Up Learning Cafes provide an informal, innovative environment where you are free to explore, experiment, create and innovate. This is a place where, even in the limited time of 60-90 minutes in each Espresso Innovation Pod Session (of which there are typically three-four sessions in one day,) you can develop 75-180 people a day. In these Cafe Style group coaching sessions, you can experience more outcomes than from a full day intervention.

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Movers & Shakers Change Champions Network

Your Change Champion Network needs the right knowledge, skills and tools to be confident in coaching and supporting business change and people transformation. The Movers & Shakers Program provides your network with bite-size learning videos, access to a bespoke micro-program (against values, behavior, competencies etc.) virtual masterclasses, virtual Cafe Style Action Learning Clubs, resources, social learning, networking and full support.

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Program Design and Consultancy Services

When it comes to creating Smart Working Teams we know that one size does not fit all. An organization will have many business and innovation needs that are not met by open or off-the-shelf programs. Cafe Style Design Services include customization and curriculum conversion from traditional training programs into innovation microlearning activities and programs. Tailoring Cafe Style is efficient and effective when you harness the power of our creative and innovative design team! 

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