Cafe Style Learning and Culture Change

Practical, experiential culture change tools, programs and consultancy services that allow you to bring your vision, strategy and values to life!


Ways to Engage With Cafe Style

Cafe Style methodology of learning and change is proven to accelerate learning and change. The way you employ the method will depend on your business needs. Learn how to facilitate in Cafe Style, purchase the tools and deliver it yourself through your L&D, Champions and Leaders, or we can design and deliver a bespoke program for you!

1. Cafe Style Ignite Events

We design and deliver a Cafe Style event for you on any subject and for any size to meet your business needs. These experiential, fun events are ideal for team days, engagement days, away-days, leadership development, innovation, product launches etc! 

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2. Learn Facilitation + Tools

Want to learn to facilitate in Cafe Style and blend it into your learning/training mix? Join our Master Facilitator Program and learn everything you need to know to design and facilitate your own learning programs, purchase the tools and away you go!

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3. Consultancy & Design

Have a new vision and values, but just can't seem to embed them and change your culture in practice? We got it covered. The Cafe Style design team can bespoke the perfect program for you and our team of Master Facilitators can deliver the whole program for you! 

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Facilitation Workshop London

22nd March 2018 - 9am - 4pm Strand Palace Hotel - London Learn to facilitate Cafe Style bite-size activities and tools, designed to address today's changing business needs!

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What's on the Program Menu?

Cafe Style offer off-the-shelf development programs for both group coaching/training and personal development. All programs are designed to be experiential and bite-size!

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Cafe Style Academy Whitepapers

What to learn more about the Cafe Style methodology and understand where and how it can be applied. Understand how it can be blended in to your learning mix!

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