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  • What's this Cafe Style method of learning?

    Life's changed and training must keep up! Add to this the fact that advanced technology means us mere mortals have to raise our game, and that means transforming our thinking skills, fast! Great news, the Cafe Style method is designed to be experiential, built for transformation, not information. It's experiential, accelerated and powerful, creating a safe space for your participants, allowing true exploration and creative inquiry.

  • Want to know about these Cafe Style activities?

    We have taken an absolute age to develop heaps of experiential activities across the spectrum of human development. Each one takes around 10-30 minutes to play out, all you do is follow the instructions and be as creative as you like with them! Put them together and create workshops, away-days, run more experiential and creative meetings, or use them to bring your outmoded training programs to life!

  • What about these strange Mind Hacks then?

    Well what can we say? The Mind Hack design is driven by the time starved leaders and workers around the world! They bypass the conscious mind and get straight to the root of the issue - that deep and complex unconscious. They are nano videos of between 30-66 seconds long and each Mind Hack is split into three tasks (videos) - Day One: Observe, Day Two: Reflect, Day Three Apply. You can do the Mind Hack as standalone learning routes or do them as part of our broader elearning programs. Either way, expect powerful results!

  • How about all these extra services?

    At Cafe Style we pride ourselves on continually innovating to speed up the process of learning and change! When we're not doing that, we offer a full array of services to support organizational culture change future-proof people's thinking. Services include: A Real-Time Diagnostic Tool, Change Champions Programs, Creative Thinking and Innovation Events and Meetings, Tools for Innovation Centers and Design Services!

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"Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step" Lao Tzu

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