Want to ignite and embed behavior and culture change in 66 seconds a day for 66 days?

Cafe Style's Route 66 Prep 4 Change Program will ensure all your change initiatives are a success!


"Cafe Style should be on prescription "- Senior L&D Manager - UK Police Service


1. Cafe Style IGNITE Events

We design and deliver a Cafe Style event for you on any subject and for any size to meet your business needs. These experiential, fun events are ideal for team days, engagement days, away-days, leadership development, innovation, product launches etc! 

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2. Route 66: Prep 4 Change

Embedding values, or implementing a new technology system in your organization? Not Getting buy-In from employees ahead of time is the most common reason IT implementations and other major change projects fail. Change one thought at a time! 

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3. Organizational Culture

Want to learn to facilitate in Cafe Style and blend it into your learning/change mix? Join our Master Facilitator Program and learn everything you need to know to design and facilitate your own behavior and culture change events and programs!

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Cafe Style Champions

When we build a building, we use an architect to design the infrastructure. A builder's job is then to bring them to life. Consider Champions the builders in the process.

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Cafe Style Whitepapers

What to learn more about the Cafe Style methodology and understand where and how it can be applied. Understand how it can be blended in to your learning mix!

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Espresso Learning Sprints

These 10 X 30 minute virtual learning sprints are an amazing opportunity to experience the power of Cafe Style in these 30 minutes experiential learning and change sprints.

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“I learned more in the one day Cafe event than I did on my six weeks management training program.” Senior Leader - Local Authority


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